Stephen Pizzuti – An Inspirational Figure To Mankind

Stephen Pizzuti once read a quote of Walter Reuther and since that day he has applied it to his daily life-

“There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well”. Stephen has taken this quote and imbibed it in his daily life. Besides work he loves to feed the homeless and spends most of his spare time volunteering in community organizations like soup kitchens, blood donation camps etc.

Stephen finds peace of mind and joy in helping the less fortunate and the poor. He is happy when he brings a smile to their faces. There are many less fortunate members of the community who look up to him. He is an individual of high values and has a pleasant demeanor that many are fond of.

He is a kind and patient listener who lends an ear of compassion to his less privileged brothers and sisters. He loves spending his time being with and feeding the homeless. He is a man of integrity and ensures that he gives full focus to service to mankind.

Stephen Pizzuti is also an avid baseball player. He loves playing the sport like playing baseball and exercises regularly. He believes in good health and so eats right as well. He divides his time between work and service. For him service gives him the peace of mind that he needs after a hard day’s work.

He loves bringing joy and happiness to those around him. He knows that he is doing social work but he always says there are lots to be done.  What steps he is taking are just small baby steps towards social and community service. More and more people should join hands and work towards the betterment of fellow humans who are not as lucky as us. He does not believe in telling others what to do as he knows that actions speak louder than words. He works in silence and is a leading example to many people in the locality who look up to him and follow his footsteps.

Thanks to Stephen there are many people who are homeless getting help. He shows them a ray of light that the world is not a bad place and there are people like them ready to hold the hands of an unfortunate person to help him survive and live with dignity.


Stephen Pizzuti A Exemplary Figure Of Service

Stephen Pizzuti – A Exemplary Figure Of Service

Today people have become very busy with their own lives and there is hardly time to think about the poor and the downtrodden. When it comes to social service individuals are hardly seen coming forward these days. However Stephen Pizzuti is a rare example of the above. He is a busy professional who still manages to take time out of his busy schedule to come forward to help his less fortunate brothers and sisters. Being an inspiration and motivation for the unfortunate he is an example for many humans of today to come forward and help people who are homeless and do not have a shelter above their heads.

Stephen has been involved in philanthropic activities for many years now. He is an individual who believes that social service is his calling. He finds immense bliss and happiness helping and serving the needy and the poor. He is a man of values and for him material things have no significance at all. They are just petty things when it comes to inner peace and happiness. Nothing can be more valuable than bring joy to the face of a poor and destitute individual.

Stephen Pizzuti comes across as a normal human being like you and me. He is no one special nor does he have any airs about himself. He is here to serve his fellow beings so that they are convinced that this world is not a bad place to live in after all. The recent recession has left many homeless and without jobs. He is aware of the fact that the time is to stand by such individuals and give them the hope and support they need to live. After this entire world is a beautiful place to live in and there is ray of hope even in despair.

Stephen loves to help and feed the homeless whenever he gets the chance. He loves spending time with kids and playing with them as well. Besides feeding the homeless and the poor he is also voluntarily organizes social community workshops like soup kitchens. He is a person fond of sports and is an avid baseball player. As a person he is compassionate, polite and well-mannered. His demeanor is a pleasant one and he makes you feel comfortable the moment he speaks to you. His presence is soothing and no wonder he is well respected and loved by people and the poor in his locality.